Davis Education Program

The Davis Education Program was set up in 2014 thanks to the generosity of Anne Davis and her family. The program is supported by family members, friends, acquaintances and colleagues of the late Simon Davis.

In April 2014 Simon Davis, from Hertfordshire United Kingdom, was tragically killed while working with the UN in Somalia. Simon loved Kenya and her people and strongly believed that development work should be a shared undertaking between development organisations and those receiving aid. Following his death, Simon's wife Anne and her family wanted to find a charity whose ethos reflected Simon's attitude to charity work. They read about Development Pamoja online and finding that we were a match, Anne contacted us to offer funding for an education project in Simon's memory. And so the Davis Education Program was born.

Although Development Pamoja has supported the education of orphaned and vulnerable children since our foundation, the Davis Education Program has allowed us to significantly expand on this aspect of our work.

Primary education in Kenya is free, while all secondary education is fee-paying. However, in practise, not even primary education is without cost; for both primary and secondary school, parents / guardians must provide for all auxiliary items such as books, copies, pencils, uniforms, shoes, bag, food and sometimes even the cost of desks and extra teachers. For boarding schools (necessary for those who live very far away), even items like mattresses, cups and plates must be provided. Many families cannot afford even the most basic of these costs and so their children often miss out on formal education.

The Davis Education Program currently supports the educational needs of 10 vulnerable children who would otherwise not receive any education. These children are boys and girls in both primary and secondary school; some have been abandoned or orphaned and some come from abusive or extremely poor households. For all of these children, the Davis Education Program is giving them a new opportunity for a brighter future.

In the future we plan to grow this program to benefit more of the area's vulnerable children. Development Pamoja is very fortunate that the Davis family chose to help us expand this aspect of our mission and we acknowledge their generosity and selflessness in thinking of others in their time of grief.