Development Pamoja

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We are a small Irish charity working with disadvantaged communities in rural Kenya. Our goal is to encourage and help these communities to achieve a level of self-sufficiency where outside assistance is no longer required.

We focus on basic issues (food, water, education, health) and through demonstration, training and funding initiatives we are encouraging and supporting people in improving their own lives. We assist in the establishment of community-based co-operative enterprises which is ultimately helping to build a self-sustaining local economy in the area.

We work with a flexible approach, constantly re-evaluating our projects and actively seeking feedback from the local community so that we are always providing valuable and relevant service.

We employ 3 people in Kenya to implement all projects. The following are some of the activities that we are currently involved in:

  • Improving farming techniques
  • Water harvesting methods
  • Community-based banking initiatives
  • Income-generating projects
  • Provision of primary health care
  • Education of vulnerable children
  • Support for the disabled
  • Support for the elderly
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What makes us different?

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100% promise

We can promise you that 100% of all money donated goes directly to fund our projects in Kenya. All work in Ireland is done on a voluntary basis and expenses are kept to an absolute minimum. Expenses in Ireland are always covered from the sale of donated goods. We also aim* to cover all expenses in Kenya from a combination of the sale of donated goods, project surpluses and directed donations (where the donation is given specifically to be used for expenses).

* we have always succeeded in this goal in the past

Read about our financial accountability.

Responsible Aid

We do not usually give free handouts as we believe they lead to a reliance on aid and are damaging to local economies. By fostering a greater sense of collective responsibility we hope to build a better society for all.

What a difference a Euro makes ...

Physiotherapy for a child with cerebral palsy
50 grams of vegetable seeds
Small drip irrigation kit
School fees for a secondary school student
Cost of a 1,000 litre water tank
Start-up business loan
Large drip irrigation kit

Where do we work?

We work in a number of villages in Mogotio, an area which straddles the equator, 44km north of Nakuru in Kenya's Rift Valley.

Most charities in Kenya operate in towns and cities but it is the rural communities that need the most help. In these remote areas, access to credit is limited, education is not a priority, primary health care is inadequate and farm practices are outdated. We work exclusively with these disadvantaged communities.

How did we get started?

Development Pamoja was formed in 2009 by our current Kenya team, who were already working voluntarily with disadvantaged communities in Kenya's Rift Valley Province. This group included James Hennessy from Cork who has been living in Kenya for 12 years and manages all of our projects.

"Pamoja" means "together" in Swahilli, so Development Pamoja literally means "development together".