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Annual Reports


We are transparent in all our operations – both in Kenya and in Ireland. Our Annual Reports are published at the link above.

As a donor we want you to know exactly where your money goes; every cent you donate goes directly to a project. General donations are not used to fund salaries or administration costs, which are funded separately (see here).

We value all donations so are committed to ensuring the most efficient use of funds possible.


Monetary Donations

Money received from individuals & fundraising events.

We can also avail of tax refunds (with consent) on donations over €250 per annum from Irish tax-payers.


Project-specific grants from various organisations are used to part-fund some of our programs.


Grant Providers:

  • DairyMis Discussion Group
  • Self-Help Africa
  • Teagasc
  • Greenfield International
  • CASA Ireland
  • Irish Embassy Kenya
  • Afri Ireland
  • Kelly Family Foundation
  • Kenyan Irish Society
  • Misean Cara
  • Electric Aid
  • CRS Refrigeration Ltd
  • We Are Riley

Sale of Donated Goods

Sales from car boot sales, ebay & other online sales.

Project Income

Our Farm and Medical Centres generate modest income each year.


Expenses in Ireland

Expenses in Ireland are kept to an absolute minimum. All work is done on a voluntary basis and our board members do not receive any remuneration. Examples of voluntary work include fundraising, admin work, book-keeping, financial oversight, website design, etc.

We do incur some unavoidable expenses in Ireland every year - approximately €2000. Expenses include admin costs, bank & accounting fees, annual flight from Kenya for board liaison.

How are these expenses covered?

Every year we aim to cover all expenses in Ireland from the sale of donated goods. We have thus far always succeeded in this.

Expenses in Kenya

We pay salaries for 3 full-time program leaders and 1 security guard on our team in Kenya. Program staff salaries are paid from program expenses.

All expenses in Kenya are kept to an absolute minimum. Working over a wide area, our largest expense (after salaries) is travel; we use our own motorbikes where possible, with public transport used for all additional travel. Other expenses include stationary & internet costs, statutory deductions, residency/visa costs.

Our average monthly expenses (including salaries) in Kenya are in the region of €1500.

How are these expenses covered?

Every year we aim to cover all expenses in Kenya without using general donations. We have thus far always succeeded in this.